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Jingle Brawl 7 vs 7 Tournament Rules

General Format:


For 7 v 7 games: Onside is in effect - 2 Attack, 2 Middies, 2 Short Stick Defense, 1 Goalie. 2 Players from each team must stay on sides during the game.


NEW FOR 2022, No Long Poles will be allowed on the field all Players will play with a standard Lacrosse stick maximum of 42" 


Each period begins with a faceoff. Wing middies must be positioned to the left of their faceoff man, at the intersection of the sideline and the midline. Defensemen and attackmen must remain behind the goal line until the referee signals possession. The goalie must remain in the crease area until possession is signaled. 


After a goal is scored the ball is awarded to the scored-upon goalie who puts the ball in play from his crease area. A referee must whistle to indicate play has resumed. 


Game Time/ Penalty Time/ Time Outs/ Overtime:


Game time:  2 - 20-minute halves, 3 minute half-time 


Penalties Time: will be 1.5 the normal infraction time and  are called and served as they are in regular field lacrosse. The referee releases penalized players when their served time has expired. 


Time Outs: Each team is allowed 1 timeout per half. Timeouts are one minute long, The time clock is on the field timeouts are allowed at any time during the game (CLOCK WILL STOP)


Under 2 minutes (with 4 Goals or Less): A team has 10 seconds to clear and the team needs to keep the ball on the offensive side of the fields 


Over Time: A game-ending tie is decided by a 3 v 3 Braveheart (2 field players and a goalie), which begins immediately after regulation time with a faceoff. No substitutions will be allowed during a Braveheart. Goalie can cross as long as a player stays back.  If a penalty occurs in regulation it will carry into overtime 


Championship games will go to a 7 v 7 sudden death overtime (No Set Clock), each team will be awarded one time-out. 



Team members must wear matching jerseys or tank tops that are numbered. 


General Conduct:


Each team must have an adult coach (21 years of age or older) who will oversee team discipline and act as the team's representative.

ALL PLAYERS, PARENTS, and COACHES are expected to display sportsmanship through out the tournament. ANYONE WHO IS INVOLVED IN A FIGHT WILL BE EXPELLED FROM THE TOURNAMENT.  The Jingle Brawl has ZERO tolerance for fighting.

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